Keri K.

It's been so fun watching and listening to the girls grow over the past year. Hannah's become so much more confident and it's just so fun watching her try to 'jump ahead' and figure out songs on her own. And Bridget has really gotten into Piano in general - spending about as much time "composing" her own songs as she does practicing her weekly assignments. And we are especially grateful for your work over the past few months - the transition from in-person lessons to Skype was seamless and brought a sense of normalcy and routine to our weeks.

Holly B.

Our daughter has been taking piano lessons with Mrs. Stoll for many years and she absolutely LOVES her! She looks forward to seeing Mrs. Stoll each week and when we see her practicing and performing it makes us so happy. Kim is kind, fun, patient and motivating. There are many things that our daughter has lost interest in as she has grown older but piano remains a strong love! We highly recommend Kim as a piano teacher and know that any child will enjoy their time with her and learn a lot from her as well.

Alana S.

When we moved to Weston last year, our daughter seamlessly transitioned into the Kimberly Stoll Music Studio and has made great progress in just one year. We would highly recommend her to anyone looking to start or continue their child in piano lessons.

Tara T.

Both my daughters began taking piano lessons with Kimberly a few months ago. In these last couple of months, both my 13yo and my 7yo, who is new to piano, have become very comfortable reading the music and enthusiastic about learning to play. They even like to practice! I see a huge difference in their excitement about learning the piano because the knowledge is building upon itself in a logical and fun way. Looking forward to seeing them progress more and more each week!

Jess H.

Kim is a wonderful piano teacher! She pushes my son to learn while keeping it really fun and positive, and as a result he's playing better than ever and has come to really enjoy music. She's everything you want in a music teacher-- professional, encouraging, experienced, and engaging. My son no longer fights with me about practicing, as he has so much more fun now.

Stephen C.

All three of my boys have blossomed on piano under Kimberly's instruction. She has each of them on their own program, tailored to their individual levels and styles, keeping them progressing and engaged.

Amy G.

Mrs. Stoll has served as a wonderful inspiration for our daughter Lindsay to acquire a love and appreciation for not only piano but for music in general.

Kate M.

Kimberly Stoll is a patient and kind teacher, who fosters a love of music in her students. My daughter has thrived under her instruction!

Weston Student

With Mrs. Stoll my piano skills have improved tremendously. She is very knowledgeable about every aspect of music and is very kind towards her students. She is enthusiastic about music and always pushes me to do my best.

Kris and Erin P.

Mrs. Stoll has been teaching piano to our daughters for two years. Every week we love to listen to her sessions with our kids, they are filled with music and laughter. She is always encouraging and supportive, we highly reccommend her for piano lessons.

Shri B.

Ms. Stoll has been a wonderful piano teacher for our 11-year-old daughter. We are impressed by her unique way of teaching -taking the time to understand what motivates our daughter, utilizing different teaching materials to instill sustained interest while still focusing on our learning milestones. We feel very lucky to have her as a piano teacher!

Salestria B.

Our daughter has studied piano with Ms. Stoll for over 8 years. Under Kim’s guidance she now has piano students of her own and plays on Sundays at church. Glorianna’s weekly piano lesson have not only taught her a great skill, but have been instrumental in shaping her life. We are so proud of our daughter and her hard work, and we are so thankful for the time and energy that Ms. Stoll has put into training Glorianna. We couldn’t have picked a better teacher for her!

Kristen R.

Ms. Tanya is so talented! She is kind and patient and is loaded with tricks and tips to improve a student's technique and expression. I was amazed by the progress she helped me make in just one lesson!

Juad M.

Ms. Tanya is a wonderful piano teacher. She is engaging and attentive to every detail that makes the piece flow and shine. My favorite thing about her teaching style is that she breaks the music into smaller chunks and gives many strategies to learn in an easier way!

Jennifer P.

Ms. Tanya has taught our son and has provided a seamless teaching experience for Alex. Ms. Tanya was very helpful in guiding our son to play confidently and with ease. She is patient and organized, providing his written lesson plan for the following week. He really enjoyed her.

Shannon E.

After three years of taking piano lessons with Ms. Stoll, our 9-year-old daughter's confidence and love of music has flourished. We were pleased (and relieved!) to see our daughter's confidence and sense of comfort continue with Miss Jaci. Miss Jaci's nurturing and fun approach instantly put our at-times nervous daughter at ease. Miss Jaci exudes the same warmth and sweetness that Ms. Stoll brought into our home on a weekly basis. While we will miss Ms. Stoll, we are confident that Miss Jaci will be a good fit moving forward.